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The Clazar Podcast

Learn about the modern way of selling SaaS software, and some good stories!

Recent episodes

Fast forward to the easy button on cloud marketplaces with Nima Badiey

In a world where digital transformation is the key to staying ahead, Nima Badiey - Strategic Enterprise Partnerships leader at Nvidia, sheds light on the profound impact of cloud marketplaces in modernizing sales and partnerships. With a rich background from Joyent to GitLab, and monumental growth achievements at Google, Nima has been a pivotal figure in evolving these platforms from basic discovery channels to comprehensive commercial ecosystems. In this episode, we explore: - The evolution of cloud marketplaces into critical sales channels - Strategies for enhancing business operations through automated and integrated cloud GTM solutions - Insights into aligning sales teams and incentivizing cloud marketplace success - The future of cloud marketplaces, including automation, integration, and the importance of private offers

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An engineering leader's perspective on Cloud GTM

Seasoned cloud GTM technologist and the Head of Engineering at Metronome - Suyog Rao, speaks with Trunal Bhanse - CEO of Clazar, about: 🏦 The changing processes of how software businesses sell and transact online 🔍 Why cloud marketplaces are a SaaS revenue magnifier ⚙️ How he navigated usage-based pricing in his previous role at Elastic, and 💰 The growth of usage-based pricing and Metronome’s own rise to a $43B Series B

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The state of cloud marketplaces 2024

Tune in as we bring the cloud alliances expert, Nadav Tzuker in conversation with Trunal Bhanse, our CEO. Together, they explore the realms of cloud marketplaces and reveal the way ahead for them in 2024.

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A tech leader’s take on modern SaaS business

Meet Kshitij Grover, an engineer turned entrepreneur sit down for a conversation with Trunal Bhanse, CEO of Clazar. Their captivating conversation presents a new perspective for viewers on the modern SaaS business.

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Listing on Cloud Marketplaces

Join us as we unveil the strategic, technical, and operational nuances of getting listed on cloud marketplaces. Learn how Clazar can help list faster and easier.

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Travis Reed from Outerbounds: Navigating Cloud Marketplaces

Learn from Travis on the challenges teams face getting onboard with cloud marketplaces and the way to navigate to revenue success.

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Exploring the World of Partnerships and GTM

Meet Asher Mathew, Trunal Bhanse, and Brian Lawrence at their best, discussing all things GTM and partnerships. Find them unearth facts about the challenges in the world of partnerships, companies that are doing it right and how young aspirants can carve a path of becoming partnership leaders.

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Build Vs. Buy: A take on GTM channel adoption

Welcome to our podcast. Learn about build Vs. buy discussed from a cloud marketplace adoption standpoint. Learn how company sizes, budgets and goals affect the decision and which one is best for you for short and long term.

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The Clazar Story with the founders -Trunal and Aayush. Decoding the Modern way to Sell SaaS software

Dive into the origin story of Clazar with the founders and discover their vision for the future. From their humble beginnings at Airbnb to redefining modern software selling, this conversation sheds light on Clazar's journey and aspirations. We take a trip down memory lane and talk about how it all started. What was missing in the world of cloud marketplace selling? What does Clazar look like in 2028, 5 years from now? What separates Clazar from the other companies that are out there?

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Introduction to Cloud Marketplaces. Clazar's Brian Lawrence in conversation with CEO, Trunal Bhanse

Clazar's Head of Sales, Brian Lawrence, and CEO, Trunal Bhanse, discuss: -What exactly are Cloud Marketplaces? -Why should SaaS companies care about cloud marketplaces? -As a seller, what are the benefits of cloud marketplaces for my customers? -Why AWS, Microsoft, and Google are investing heavily in cloud marketplaces? -Why Cloud marketplace could be a misfit for some companies?

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Acryl Data's journey on Cloud Marketplaces with Ben Anderson

We have a guest today - Acryl Data's Director of Sales, Ben Anderson. Clazar's Brian Lawrence and Ben get into a free-flowing conversation and cover: -Understanding what Acryl does, how they make money, and how Ben ended up at Acryl? -What are Acryl and Ben doing with cloud marketplaces as part of their monetization efforts? -How and why did Acryl choose AWS over the other two hyperscalers? -How do you address concerns within your sales teams for moving deals to cloud marketplaces? -What entailed setting up the AWS listing and managing the listing? -What are the benefits that you are seeing with cloud marketplaces? -The story of the 'dream deal'

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