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Facets is a self-hosted, ready-to-use developer platform that accelerates cloud automation, standardizes DevOps workflows, and improves developer self-service. It helps reduce DevOps grunt work by 80% and improve developer productivity by 20%.

Facets works with all three major cloud providers and has a strong alignment with them as they:

  1. Help accelerate cloud migration for customers
  2. Support customers in becoming cloud-native faster

They saw a huge potential to collaborate with cloud providers through partnership and marketplace motion to reach new customers and increase deal support.

However, they found it difficult to catch up with ever-changing marketplace requirements, which made it harder to access this new channel for their GTM strategy. They were looking for a true partner who could help them operationalize their marketplace operations seamlessly.


Launching and maintaining cloud marketplace business operations without heavy engineering lift

Facets recognize the synergies they can derive by partnering with the Hyperscalers and using their marketplaces as a strategic go-to-market channel.

However, building integrations with marketplace APIs and offerings can be a major distraction and waste of crucial resources - especially in the early days of a startup. The engineering bandwidth required for discovery and development time for a single cloud provider is time-consuming and tedious. Let alone three.

Moreover, additional hours are required every week to maintain the integrations, especially as cloud providers continue to ship new changes regularly.

Facets had two options: Moving away the engineering focus from the core product offering to launch marketplace operations or finding a reliable solution that could help them fastrack the launch of cloud GTM with minimal lift.


Launched on all three cloud marketplaces effortlessly with Clazar’s white-glove implementation

Facets picked Clazar as their partner of choice to accelerate their journey to list and transact on cloud marketplaces. Clazar’s intuitive platform helped them list and manage all three cloud marketplaces across AWS, GCP, and Azure from a single interface.

Clazar’s team of experts helped Facets get their listing live within weeks of signing the contract. They have sent multiple private offers with minimal time commitment and zero engineering lift. Our customer success team worked alongside the Facets team from onboarding to getting all the listings live and continued to address queries around metering, private offers, integrations, etc. on demand.

Facets’ sales and finance teams use Clazar’s analytics to get reports and insights into the cloud marketplace performance.

“Clazar comes with deep expertise on all the three Hyperscalers and helped us get started quickly. It eased the day-to-day operations of managing these marketplaces by bringing them together on a centralized platform. ”
Pravanjan Choudhury
CEO @ Facets.Cloud
Operationalized a new GTM Channel

Facets has launched transactable listings on AWS Marketplace, Microsoft Azure Marketplace and GCP Marketplace to open doors to a new revenue stream. Using Clazar, their team is able to create private offers in minutes across any marketplace using a simple toggle button on the platform. Facets team feels confident that Clazar’s product and domain expertise will help them scale marketplace revenue.

Time & cost savings

By using Clazar, Facets launched their marketplace operations with zero engineering resources invested. Clazar’s implementation team ensured they were up and running within weeks on all three marketplaces, saving them months of development time and costs and the opportunity cost of not having a cloud marketplace presence.

Deep insights into cloud marketplace performance

Clazar analytics dashboards and downloadable reports enable sales and finance leaders at Facets to better understand their marketplace operations without collating raw data from diverse sources.

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