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I've really loved the Clazar platform.
We are seeing great success on the AWS marketplace and would love to expand to Microsoft Azure with Clazar.
Paige Berger
Senior Partner Manager, Secureframe

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Why Clazar

Curated by experts, tailored for your needs
The founding team at Clazar comes with decades of experience in building infra and user experience products and deep expertise in cloud marketplaces GTM.
Clazar excels in launching ISVs on the AWS marketplace faster than others. We offer fastest implementation, onboarding, and dedicated assistance via Slack and email.
Efficient Scaling
Clazar offers competitive pricing without revenue sharing or maintenance fees. We also ensure affordability as you scale your marketplace business.
Customer Service
We are committed to world-class customer service. This includes not just our product support but also guidance around sales training, seller enablement, and Co-Sell activation.