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Momento is the world's first truly serverless caching service. It provides instant elasticity, scale-to-zero capability, and blazing-fast performance.

The company has been using cloud marketplace channels to drive sales for some time. However, they faced day-to-day challenges in managing and scaling their cloud marketplace operations, impacting the true potential they could unlock on a cloud marketplace. They soon realized they needed a co-pilot to manage cloud marketplace operations seamlessly.


Managing cloud marketplace business operations

Momento encountered several obstacles with their previous cloud marketplace listing and management software. These challenges included:

  • Lack of visibility: Its last cloud GTM platform was not providing a holistic view of its buyers, analytics, and contracts, masking Momento from operating and scaling its cloud marketplace business.
  • Metering issues: Momento experienced difficulties with accurate metering and visibility of its metered data on the last platform, impacting its ability to track usage and charge its customers, which directly impacted its revenue.
  • Platform limitations: The company's aspiration to add another product listing on AWS and venture into the Google Cloud Marketplace gave rise to concerns stemming from their experience with the last platform.
  • Pricing and support: Its last platform’s revenue share pricing model made it economically unfeasible for Momento to grow its revenue on cloud marketplaces. Additionally, they desired enhanced support, a better product experience, and features such as Slack integration and advanced analytics, which required additional subscription fees.

These challenges led to  Momento’s leaving their prior Cloud GTM platform. They then considered managing their listing and marketplace operations in-house or evaluating another Cloud GTM platform.


Clazar’s Lift-n-Shift

Clazar's CEO and co-founder, Trunal's expertise in the cloud marketplace ecosystem, coupled with Momento's existing challenges, sparked discussions that led to Momento rightly considering Clazar as their Cloud GTM platform.

Momento was initially under the impression that migrating their marketplace business out of the last vendor and to a new cloud GTM platform would be tiring and could lead to potential data loss. Its worries were put at ease when they discovered Clazar's Lift-n-Shift.

What is Clazar's Lift-n-Shift?

Clazar's Lift-n-Shift ports your existing marketplace listing, integrations, and marketplace operations without any business downtime or loss of historical marketplace data - it’s fast, secure, and runs with zero downtime. The transition is virtually seamless and unnoticeable, except for a noticeably better product experience.

The solution encompassed the following critical components for Momento:

  • Operational improvements: The platform facilitated the necessary modifications within Momento's AWS Marketplace console and AWS cloud setup to decouple their systems from the last vendor seamlessly.
  • Data migration: Thanks to the lift n shift feature, Clazar migrated all Momento’s data, including listings, buyers (current and historical), contracts (current and historical), all their metered usage records, private offers, and revenue, disbursements, and daily business reports to Clazar platform.
  • Seamless buyer experience: During the entire transition, Momento's buyers never faced any disruption. The registration page was migrated to Clazar with zero downtime. The previous integration continued to work throughout the porting process, and they continued conducting all AWS marketplace-related business as usual.
  • Enhanced product experience: Clazar's Buyer360 provided Momento with a complete picture of any buyer's journey, combining all the events, contracts, usage records, and private offers in one single place/view. Clazar’s advanced analytics capabilities provided Momento with comprehensive insights into their marketplace performance and revenue metrics. We also enabled Momento to leverage Slack for streamlined communication, enabling them to manage day-to-day marketplace operations on the channel more efficiently.
  • Improved metering: Clazar resolved the metering issues faced by Momento, allowing it to measure usage accurately, send it to AWS for billing, raise buyers’ invoices, and get disbursements, thus accelerating its cloud revenue growth.

During the implementation process, Clazar team provided continuous sessions and support to Momento. We addressed their questions, clarifying queries about metering, Slack notifications, private offers, and the migration process.

We also worked closely with Momento's business development team and their founding engineer to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

“AWS Marketplace has transformed our adoption curve! Doubling down on it, we wanted deeper insights into the buyer's journey and ability to scale without breaking the bank. Built by experts who have successfully run large marketplace deployments, Clazar is the best strategic partner for our growth.”
Khawaja Shams
CEO @ MomentoHQ

Accelerated growth on AWS Marketplace and future-ready

Best-in-class Migration

For Momento, there was no engineering work required from their side, and the investment was saying ‘yes’ and two 45-minute meetings, one at the beginning and the other at the end of the process

Improved Metering & Disbursement

Clazar has enabled the Momento team to create private offers within three minutes. The Clazar dashboards provide all the insights and data for their marketplace operations; Buyers’ 360 gives them a consolidated view of their buyers, while the white-labeled buyer page makes the buying experience more seamless.

Enhanced Product Experience

The Momento team is delighted with the insights and dashboard Clazar can provide them across their buyers, metered data, and disbursements. With Clazar’s improved metering, Memento got complete visibility on metered data and could drive more disbursements. Their monthly disbursement grew by 10X.

Accelerated Growth

Since Momento migrated to Clazar, they have found a trusted partner for scaling their cloud marketplace operations. They have invested more time and energy in the channel, which has led to a 36% increase in monthly revenue and a 50% increase in monthly buyers.

Momento successfully streamlined their cloud marketplace operations by leveraging Clazar's Lift-n-Shift and migrating to the Clazar Cloud GTM platform, accelerating revenue and buyer base. The seamless migration process, analytics, Buyer 360, and improved metering capabilities have set Momento up for future growth, including adding a new AWS product listing and expanding to Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.

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