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Streamline your cloud marketplace motion and Co-Sell across AWS, Azure and GCP with Clazar
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Leading SaaS Businesses Have Moved to Clazar

Struggling to Scale your Marketplace & Co-Sell Motion?

As your business grows on the cloud marketplaces, your time should be spent on building partnership strategy and not keeping up with the marketplace tech updates or preparing CRM data for rigid mapping requirements. Dropping the ball on marketplace operations can negatively impact buyer experience and even take a toll on the adoption of the cloud GTM channel.

Whether you are managing your marketplace operations in-house or using a third-party platform, juggling between tools that don’t talk to each other slows down your growth. You need a comprehensive that helps automate your marketplace motion from opportunity to cash to help you scale effortlessly.

Experience High Growth with Clazar

Clazar’s end-to-end cloud marketplace management platform integrates deeply within your existing technology stack so that you can focus on building partnerships and not integrations. We continuously monitor frequent cloud marketplace changes and absorb customer feedback to build our product.

Our rate of innovation and customer obsession sets us apart and you can rest assured that you are always using the most cutting-edge tool on the market. The Clazar platform is loved equally by sales, engineering, and finance leaders as it caters to each of their unique needs. With Clazar, you also get a transparent and predictable pricing plan that doesn’t cap your growth.

Futureproof Your Cloud GTM Strategy with a Trusted Partner

You might be listed on just one marketplace today. As your business expands, you'll also need to invest in Co-Sell integration, repeat the listing process for new offerings and marketplaces, and commit resources to manage contracting, invoicing, and revenue operations.

With Clazar, you can future-proof your cloud marketplace business as we support multi-cloud listing and Co-Sell operations management from a single intuitive dashboard.

Moving to Clazar Is as Easy as 1,2,3…

30-Minutes Time Commitment
Once you decide to move over to Clazar, our implementation experts set up a meeting to initiate port for your existing listings, whether managed through another platform or by you.

Minimal engineering or operational work is needed on your part.
100% Secure
Data Migration
Clazar seamlessly migrates all your data, including listings, buyers (past and present), contracts (historical and current), metered usage records, private offers, revenue, disbursements, and daily business reports to one powerful platform.
Zero Downtime for
Your Buyers
Throughout the transition, your buyers won't experience any disruptions. The registration page seamlessly migrates to Clazar with zero downtime, and your previous integrations continue to operate as usual, allowing you to conduct business without any interruptions.

Enterprise-Grade Security You Can Trust

Clazar has been built with a security-first approach. We are fully committed to building products and providing controls that keep your data safe and ensure the highest standards of privacy.

Clazar platform is GDPR and SOC II compliant. Clazar is an AWS Validated Partner and meets all the security and privacy requirements by AWS for cloud marketplace platforms.

Seamlessly Grow Your Marketplace Revenue Today!

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