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Clouds Have Revolutionized SaaS Commerce. Are You Ready?

Access buyer’s committed cloud spend with a new ‘route to market’ to win larger deals faster with Clazar
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Software sales via
Hyperscalers by 2025
Bigger Deal Size
Faster Sales Cycles

Be Where Your Buyers Are

Cloud marketplaces have turned from being just a discovery platform into a new go-to-market channel for software businesses globally.  With over USD 300 billion of pre-committed cloud spend that can be used to purchase third-party software, identify buyers who are likely to buy through the marketplace, unblock larger budgets and win more deals when you Co-Sell with your cloud partners.

Buyers benefit from faster procurement cycles with standard agreements, simplified onboarding, and streamlined payment through their cloud provider making it a win-win.

Why Buyers Are Procuring Through Clouds

E-commerce like experience when searching and comparing software on Marketplaces
High degree of trust 
in hyperscalers to do due diligence
Easier budget 
approval through pre-committed 
Effortless procurement process & consolidated IT spend
Changing buyer preference for 
self-serve and 
digital channels for software sales

Expand Your Reach and Grow Your Revenue

Marketplace listings offer ISVs a growing pool of high-intent buyers actively looking to buy software, making it one of the most cost-effective channels to grow revenue.

By listing on cloud marketplaces, you can get the attention of your prospective customers. AWS alone has over 300k+ active customers with pre-committed spend who could be your potential buyers, making cloud marketplaces a mega distribution channel for your software.

Build Partnerships and
Co-Sell with Hyperscalers

Listing on marketplaces is the first step to enable partnerships with the Hyperscalers. The more you drive transactions through the marketplaces, the more attention you will get from hyperscalers’ sales and partnership organizations.

Eventually, you can piggyback and Co-Sell with hyperscalers’ banking on their credibility to influence deals and grow the partnership by nailing your ‘Better Together’ promise. You can also increase your reach through reselling via channel partnerships on the cloud.

Take the First Flight to the Clouds with Clazar

Take the first step to revolutionize your GTM by listing on leading cloud marketplaces. With Clazar, you can get up and running in weeks versus months if you decide to do it yourself.

Our platform handles the creation of your listing, pricing, and buyer flow testing, with minimal engineering lift from your side. With Clazar, your teams can send and track private offers, manage contracts and metering, and get deep insights into the performance of this new channel, from a single end-to-end platform.

As you grow your partnership with the Hyperscalers, Clazar will automate your Co-Sell motion, enabling you to share referrals directly from your CRM.

Launch Your Cloud GTM Motion Today!

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