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We Automate the Co-Sell Motion While You Grow Your Partnership with Cloud Providers

With Clazar, never miss another co-selling opportunity because of disjointed tools, inefficient manual processes & lack of deal visibility
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Efficiently Manage Cloud Partnerships from a Centralized Platform

Do you juggle between different cloud marketplaces and CRMs to be on top of your joint pipeline? Move away from outdated spreadsheets & makeshift tools with Clazar.

Clazar provides a complete view of your partnership ecosystem in one single platform. Execute your co-selling motion through a shared view of your joint pipeline, revenue and wins.

No more juggling tools and losing revenue.

Automate Referral Sharing Workflow for Joint Pipeline Creation

Clazar integrates with Cloud Partner Co-Sell portals and CRMs to enable sharing of Co-Sell opportunities. This automated two-way sharing ensures error-free referral submissions and accurate data flow in near real-time between the cloud provider and your CRM.

With Clazar’s tight-knit Salesforce & HubSpot, sellers can create Co-Sell opportunities manually or auto-create referrals in bulk based on CRM triggers early in the sales cycle to accelerate pipeline growth.

Visibility into Every Co-Sell Deal with Bi-Directional Sync

Struggling to keep opportunities updated between your CRM and cloud marketplace portals?  With real-time bi-directional sync across sellers’ CRM, cloud’s Co-Sell portal & Clazar dashboard, all relevant stakeholders at the seller organization as well as the cloud provider have complete visibility into every deal as it moves along the sales cycle, changes status or closes.

Clazar also syncs engagement levels such as AWS’ Engagement Score and Azure’s MACC eligibility to show buyers’ propensity to buy.

Notify your sellers through notifications via email and Slack on new referrals to never lose sight of co-selling opportunities.

Track Co-Sell Performance to Tweak Partnership Strategy

With out-of-the-box reports and intuitive charts to measure ecosystem performance, # of opportunities referred by cloud providers, win-rate, and more, your partnership team can define joint plans and goals with cloud marketplaces’ field sellers and PDMs.

Clazar offers revenue and opportunity reports for each seller on the cloud providers’ side to help you understand which relationships to double down on and which account manager to re-engage with.

Enterprise-Grade Security You Can Trust

Clazar has been built with a security-first approach. We are fully committed to building products and providing controls that keep your data safe and ensure the highest standards of privacy. As part of our commitment to data security and privacy, we adhere to leading global regulations. Clazar platform is GDPR and SOC II compliant. Clazar is an AWS Validated Partner and meets all the security and privacy requirements by AWS for cloud marketplace platforms.

End-to-End Multi-Cloud Co-Sell Management with Clazar

Manage multi-cloud Co-Sell motions from a single platform
Easily start and manage your Co-Sell motion across all leading cloud marketplaces efficiently with a centralized platform.

Remove operational friction to operationalize a new sales channel with Clazar.
Bi-directional sync between your CRM and Cloud Partner portal
Automate deal updates, opportunity value, sales stage mapping, autofills, and validations with real-time bi-directional sync. Share referrals and opportunities with AWS ACE from inside your CRM.
Be on top of cloud referrals and grow your partnership
Enable better collaboration on joint opportunities with complete visibility on Co-Sell pipeline updates, actions and Slack alerts.
Dive deep into analytics and enable data-driven decision making
Derive Co-Sell performance insights with out-of-the-box reports on pipeline conversion, win rate, and more with intuitive visualizations

Manage the Referrals-to-Launch Deal Cycle While Partnering AWS and Azure with Minimal Engineering Effort

Co-Sell with Clazar