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What is Clazar’s Lift-n-Shift?

Clazar’s Lift-n-Shift effortlessly migrates your marketplace listing, integrations, and operations with zero downtime or data loss. You experience a seamless transition and an improved product experience.

Zero Operational Work
Clazar does modifications within your cloud marketplace’s console and cloud setup to decouple your systems. All you have to do is grant Clazar access with a single click.
30-Minutes Commitment
No engineering work is needed on your part. Simply say 'yes' and attend a 30-minute meeting, and it's done.
Data Migration
Clazar seamlessly migrates all your data, including listings, buyers (past and present), contracts (historical and current), metered usage records, private offers, revenue, disbursements, and daily business reports to our platform.
Seamless buyer experience
Throughout the transition, your buyers won't experience any disruptions. The registration page seamlessly migrates to Clazar with zero downtime, and your previous integrations continue to operate as usual, allowing you to conduct business without interruptions.

Process Overview

Authorize Clazar's access to your marketplace resources in a 30-minute call
Clazar ports all your data in 1-2 days
Clazar completes integration testing and updates the SaaS URL

What all gets migrated?

Once the port process is done, it'll feel like you've been on Clazar's platform from day one. We'll migrate all historical and current data, including:

All your listing information will be auto-populated.
All your current and past buyers with all relevant data will be available.
All your current and past contracts will be visible.
Metering Records
All your metered usage records will be auto-populated.
Private Offers
All your private offers you have ever created will be available.
Analytics Data
All of your revenue, disbursements, and daily business reports will be present.

We'll even backfill many of the events displayed in the Clazar product (which are part of Clazar's system, not CSP Marketplace). We aim to guarantee the smoothest transition possible without needing back-and-forth reconciliation with your current solution.

Migrating a Single Listing

If you have multiple listings on cloud marketplaces, you can select and port them individually or in any combination you prefer. Clazar handles all other information and integrations at a listing level except for the Analytics Data.

Why Clazar Cloud GTM Platform

Private offers within minutes with options for custom pricing, flexible payment schedules, and terms based on your buyer’s needs.
Reclaim valuable engineering bandwidth with Clazar if you maintain your cloud marketplace operations yourself (In-house)
Co-sell directly from within the CRM (Hubspot and Salesforce) with real-time sync on every update between CRM and pipeline manager on opportunities
Effortlessly manage multiple listings within a single hub and seamlessly switch between different marketplaces, all at the click of a button
Only Platform Cost, No Rev Share. Pay only for the platform cost, eliminating any share of your hard-earned cloud revenue.
Scale across multiple cloud marketplaces and multiple listings without breaking the bank and investing time and engineering resources
Connect with tools that power your business - efficient data flow with Slack, HubSpot, and more.
Submit metering records in one click with full visibility of metered revenue.
Advanced analytics capabilities that provide comprehensive insights into your marketplace performance - Fees, Trials, Subscribers, Offers- and revenue metrics - Billed revenue, Collections and disbursements, and Flexible Payment Schedule.
Clazar's Buyer360 - a complete picture of any buyer's journey, combining all the events, contracts, usage records, and private offers in one single place/view.
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