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Clazar is proud to announce a $10M Series A funding, led by Ridge Ventures and Ensemble VC, Saurabh Gupta, Managing Partner at DST Global, and participation from our existing investors, The General Partnership and Twin Ventures. Built to help the SaaS industry navigate generational shifts in tech sales and procurement, Clazar’s end-to-end Cloud GTM automation platform has secured over a 100 paying customers in its first year.

Cloud marketplaces are expected to drive $45 billion in third-party software sales by 2025. By offering the convenience of digital, self-serve routes and easily integrable solution ecosystems, cloud marketplaces (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud) are fast becoming the preferred route to procurement for tech buyers. This opens up a quicker and more cost-efficient route to market for sellers to capitalize on - if they have the right co-pilot.

“The engineering effort and resources required to get started on cloud marketplaces have traditionally been high even for enterprises, and often prohibitive for startups and smaller companies, creating a barrier to entry. But the channel is increasingly critical for success. Whatever stage a company is in and wherever they are in their cloud GTM journey, Clazar offers an easy, automated, end-to-end solution across all major cloud marketplaces that keeps up with the constant changes happening in the ecosystem. We’re undergoing a generational shift in the way software is bought and sold, and Clazar is helping to catapult the entire industry forward. We’re grateful to our visionary investors and eager to put this Series A funding to work.”
Trunal Bhanse
“We aim to democratize cloud GTM access for software businesses by automating the ‘opportunity to cash’ lifecycle of every deal, straight from product discovery through a public presence on the hyperscaler marketplaces to the SalesOps and transaction orchestration that make a deal happen.”
Aayush Bahuguna

Tech buyers have commits of over $340 billion locked in with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Routing procurement through marketplaces allows Sellers (ISVs) to access this substantial budget while simplifying contracting and invoicing, speeding up sales cycles by up to 40%. Since buyers are eager to burn through their commits within fixed timelines, marketplace deal sizes are up to 80% larger and 27% more likely to close.

However, realizing value and growing revenue through Cloud GTM requires ISVs to do some heavy lifting. After registering and listing, ISVs need to constantly keep up with marketplace updates to keep their listing active. They’ll also need to build interconnectivity between cloud partner portals and the source-of-truth tools they run on, including their CRM. The real scale comes in by powering robust Co-Sell with the hyperscalers, which needs its own portal and data operations. Collectively, the success of Cloud GTM hinges on sustained technical and operational commitment. This is where a platform like Clazar steps in as a co-pilot to ensure that ISVs  of all sizes can automate their cloud sales and accelerate revenue growth — with minimal engineering and zero operational resource commitment.

Here’s a glimpse of what ISVs can expect with Clazar -

  • Rapid time-to-value: Going live in just weeks instead of months, with Clazar managing buyer registration, pricing, technical integration, and integration testing. Clazar also enables easy private offer transactions, usage tracking, and metering to build transaction volume and quicken time-to-value.
  • Low effort scalability: Expansion from single to multi-product listings and Co-Selling via the hyperscalers through a single platform without compounding cost, time, and effort.
  • Integrability with incumbent tools: Seamless day-to-day transactions and data integrity with best-in-class bidirectional syncs between partner portals and CRM, and other business tools.
  • Single pane of glass analytics: Data-driven decision-making and monitoring, with a complete view of buyers and contracts and comprehensive insights into multi-marketplace performance and revenue.

We also take great pride in our best-in-category customer support, which is truly invested in helping ISVs succeed and scale. Also unlike other industry players, Clazar’s predictable pricing plans are based on the number of private offers generated and not on the revenue closed via marketplaces. Customers are our north star, and their success is the barometer for ours. And this is why we build not just for but also with our customers.

“We’re delighted to be leading Clazar’s recent funding round, aiding the company’s growth as it helps shape the present and future of cloud marketplaces. Clazar is transforming the sales process for software companies going to market. This is an amazing team of people who have experienced the problem firsthand and operate at a different level.”
Yousuf Khan
Partner, Ridge Ventures
"Trunal and Aayush deeply understand the challenges of cloud marketplaces, and they’re taking all the right steps to modernize the way software is sold. As we’re seeing cloud marketplaces increasingly drive billions in purchases annually, we’re excited to double down on our investment in Clazar and continue to work alongside their top-notch team.”
Dan Portillo
Co-founder, The General Partnership
“We are excited to support Clazar as they empower SaaS companies to leverage cloud marketplaces. This investment underscores their pivotal role in reshaping GTM strategies and speaks to Trunal and Aayush’s deep experience in this space.”
Conrad Shang
Managing Partner, Ensemble VC
“Twin Ventures is thrilled to double down on our investment and partnership with Clazar. Since we participated in its seed round in May 2023, it has been incredible to witness the caliber of execution of the Clazar team in enabling their customers to seamlessly sell their software across all cloud marketplaces.”
Swapnil Shinde
Managing Partner, Twin Ventures

Clazar will direct the fresh funds towards R&D and product innovation to build our offering portfolio and meet the demands of our fast-growing customer family.

We’re grateful for the confidence of investors, the support of customers, and the unwavering dedication of our world-class team. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store as this rocketship continues its flight!

If you’re taking steps towards establishing or scaling Cloud GTM at your organization, feel free to reach out to our experts for more information or to schedule a demo.

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