The playbook to succeed on cloud marketplaces

Win with the 5-step formula

The market value of cloud marketplaces is expected to reach 150 billion USD by 2027. This presents a golden opportunity for businesses to start their cloud marketplace journey. However, the following are the most asked questions about cloud marketplaces:

  1. What is the right way to get started?
  2. How can I get listed?
  3. How can I activate co-sell?
  4. How can I generate leads and revenue?

We got you covered!

Trunal Bhanse and Brian Lawrence decoded answers for all these questions in detail and presented a practical guide to winning on cloud marketplaces.

Trunal Bhanse
Cloud marketplace leader with over a decade of expertise in building marketplace products and scaling cloud marketplace channels
Brian Lawrence
GTM leader with two decades of experience in building and scaling GTM channels

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