Unlocking New GTM Channels to Meet New Buying Mindsets

Exploring how cloud marketplaces are redefining B2B sales for next-gen buyers.


Buyer preferences are going from passive, vendor-led conversations to faster, digital, and self-serve experiences. In fact, 75% of new millennial decision-makers today don’t want to engage software sales representatives in the buying process.

With velocity and sales efficiency being increasingly rewarded in SaaS, traditional go-to-market routes are falling out of sync with your customers’ changing procurement patterns. Modern software vendors demand a channel that blends the credibility of partnerships, the familiarity of direct-sales, and the immediacy of digital experiences. Cloud marketplaces are stepping up as a transformative route-to-market helping sales leaders reach their customers with agility and conviction.

Join - Jay McBain, Chief Analyst - Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems at Canalys, and Trunal Bhanse, CEO of Clazar as they explore shifting buyer behaviors and discuss how cloud marketplaces improve buyer experiences, deal velocity, and partner-relationships in a digital-first age, while driving greater value throughout your revenue chain.
Join us and upgrade to the
new era of cloud marketplaces

In this webinar, participants will:

Understand the generational shift in B2B decision-making.
Build cloud GTM readiness and reach a new generation of buyers.
Learn strategies to expand reach, enhance credibility, and drive partnerships.
Receive actionable insights on implementing new 
GTM strategies.
Engage with industry experts and explore specific challenges in a live Q&A session.

Grow without isolating your customers, partners, or sales reps:

Step-by-step tactics to enhance visibility, drive customer engagement, and boost conversions with a cloud GTM.
Learn practical skills and strategies for navigating cloud marketplace landscapes, capitalizing on partnerships, optimizing presence, and driving sales effectively.
Shift your perspective to align with modern buyer preferences, understanding the nuances of engaging with digital-native decision-makers.
Leave with a roadmap to unlock growth through actionable insights, future-proof tactics, and a deeper understanding of cloud sales.

Meet the experts:

Jay McBain
Chief Analyst - Channels,
Partnerships & Ecosystems, Canalys
Jay is the chief analyst for global channels at Canalys - the world's leading analyst firm focused on channels, partnerships, alliances, and ecosystems. He brings over 29 years of experience in diverse roles like channel sales, marketing, and strategy within IBM, Lenovo, ChannelEyes, and Forrester. Today, he is widely recognized as one of the leading influencers in the global channels space.
CEO, Clazar
Trunal brings over a decade of experience as a leader and an innovator across LinkedIn, Airbnb, and Confluent. At Confluent, Trunal managed a team of engineers who built a world class platform for cloud marketplaces and billing. Having witnessed the complexity first-hand, he launched Clazar to democratize cloud GTM access for businesses across the world.
Head of Sales, Clazar
With experience leading sales teams at Oracle, HelloSign, and AirSlate, and now making waves at Clazar, Brian has played an active role in revolutionizing GTM strategies for software businesses. He is currently helping software businesses boost sales efficiency, improve conversions, and close more revenue with sales and channel innovation through cloud marketplaces.

Make sure your GTM strategy is agile, scalable, and drives business growth

Align your sales processes to shifting buyer needs in a new, digital landscape; get closer to where your customers are; and deliver agility to your GTM strategy with the modern framework that powers some of the fastest-growing software businesses in the world.

Join our webinar with industry leader Jay McBain of Canalys and Clazar CEO, Trunal Bhanse to discover a transformative new GTM channel that can maximize revenue growth. Unlock trade secrets that have powered >$1B in sales for CrowdStrike, Splunk, Palo Alto Networks, and Snowflake, and add fresh tailwinds to your sales momentum.