Grow your existing cloud marketplace business with Clazar

Getting listed on Cloud Marketplaces is just the beginning of your growth journey. To succeed, you'll have to build an application layer that covers buyer and contract lifecycle, private offer management, analytics, and usage reporting. There are frequent API changes by cloud marketplaces, and some core modules are very complex to build.

As your business expands, you'll also need to invest in Co-Sell integration, repeat the listing process for new offerings and marketplaces, and commit resources to manage contract, invoicing, and revenue operations.

Embarking on this journey is perilous due to the intricate nature of the GTM motion. What you need is a trusted Co-pilot for Cloud Marketplaces - they'll automate your marketplace operations, assist in crafting your success plan, help align your sales team, drive more private offers, and ultimately grow revenue through the Co-Sell motion.

Why Clazar?

A perfect Cloud GTM product for you

Create private offers in minutes, including custom pricing, flexible payment schedules, and custom terms.  Dive deep into every buyer's journey - events, contracts, usage records, and offers in one place. Comprehensive insights into your marketplace performance (fees, trials, subscribers, offers) and revenue metrics (billed revenue, collections, disbursements, and payment schedules). One-click metering? Done - with full visibility of metered revenue plus seamless integration with your favorite business tools like Slack and HubSpot.

Save Costs

Save costs and unlock the full potential of the high-growth channel. Priced competitively, Clazar helps you reclaim valuable engineering bandwidth. No more sales Ops and finance teams needed to manage private offers and create manual reports.

Elevate your Buyer Experience

Elevate buyer loyalty and growth with a seamless and cohesive buying experience - a white-labeled registration page on your domain. No extra steps for your buyers; provision your solution instantly. Effectively customize terms, pricing, POs, FPS schedules, EULA terms, and contract initiation dates, giving your buyers the flexibility they need.

Scale with Clazar

Your success is at the heart of what we do. With Clazar, scale effortlessly across multiple cloud marketplaces and new listings, all without costly engineering resources. Seamlessly Co-Sell right from your CRM (HubSpot and Salesforce) with real-time sync on every update. Count on Clazar's expertise in cloud marketplaces GTM throughout your journey – we know the nuances like no one else.

Migrate to Clazar with Clazar’s Lift-n-Shift

Are you already integrated in the cloud marketplaces but looking for help with management? Clazar’s Lift-n-Shift effortlessly migrates your marketplace listing, integrations, and operations with zero downtime or data loss. You experience a seamless transition and an improved product experience.
Zero Operational Work
Clazar does modifications within your cloud marketplace’s console and cloud setup to decouple your systems. All you have to do is grant Clazar access with a single click.
30 minutes time Commitment
No engineering work is needed on your part. Simply say 'yes' and attend a 30-minute meeting, and it's done.
Data Migration
Clazar seamlessly migrates all your data, including listings, buyers (past and present), contracts (historical and current), metered usage records, private offers, revenue, disbursements, and daily business reports to our platform.
Seamless buyer experience
Throughout the transition, your buyers won't experience any disruptions. The registration page seamlessly migrates to Clazar with zero downtime, and your previous integrations continue to operate as usual, allowing you to conduct business without interruptions.

Process Overview

Authorize Clazar's access to your marketplace resources in a 30-minute call
Clazar ports all your data in 1-2 days
Clazar completes integration testing and updates the SaaS URL

Start selling on cloud marketplaces

Launch and manage your listings across AWS, Azure, and GCP without any technical or operational involvement
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