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Amnic provides a fully stitched micro-services runtime for engineering teams, enabling them to build, operate and deliver scale-ready products securely and reliably within the cloud of their choice.

Amnic was setting up their GTM motion and wanted to have Cloud GTM from the start. In search of solutions, they partnered with Clazar. This case study highlights Amnic’s listing journey, the implemented solutions, the achieved results, and the valuable insights gained along the way.


Getting Listed on the AWS Marketplace and Deriving Value

Amnic has recognized the potential of the AWS Marketplace as a strategic go-to-market channel. Their competitors were already embracing this channel. As the AWS marketplace was new to them, they wanted to understand more to derive its full value.

They invested considerable time with Clazar during the pre-sale phase, focusing on understanding the nuances of the AWS Marketplace and how they could leverage it effectively.

Furthermore, Amnic had concerns about the time, money, and engineering resources required to invest in a channel they would be trying for the first time. They sought clarity on the value proposition of the cloud marketplace, the potential benefits it could bring to their business, and how Clazar could help them get listed without investing engineering resources.


Expertise, Speed, and Partnership

Amnic chose Clazar as their trusted partner due to our deep expertise in cloud marketplaces. Clazar's comprehensive features and user-friendly platform enabled Amnic to carve out the right SaaS pricing for cloud marketplaces channel, getting their listing live in the shortest amount of time possible, and setting up private offer flow to capture revenue.

Clazar's ability to expedite the listing process with minimal time commitment and zero engineering resources became a significant selling point for Amnic.

“We saw multiple customer requests to buy our product from cloud marketplaces. Clazar helped us get our listing live super fast and set things up for the smooth running of cloud marketplaces as an effective go-to-market channel.”

Sathya Narayanan Nagarajan

Co-Founder @ Amnic

Clazar went above and beyond to assist Amnic in every aspect of their marketplace journey. This included helping them set up the right pricing model for the AWS Marketplace, creating a seamless buying experience for their users, and implementing a smooth private offer flow.

One key aspect where Clazar truly excelled was in the creation of Amnic's registration page flow. By leveraging Clazar's expertise, Amnic was able to have their customized registration page up and running in a mere 2 minutes, ensuring a seamless purchase experience for buyers. This streamlined process allowed buyers to quickly provide the necessary information to complete their purchase and enable the seller to provision the software efficiently.

Clazar also enabled Flexible Payment Schedule (FPS) for Amnic that allowed them to split the payment into a pre-defined payment schedule. This feature was beneficial for Amnic as it provided them with flexibility in managing their finances. Based on the schedule set by the seller, the buyer would receive invoices at specific intervals, ensuring a smooth payment process. Our support in implementing FPS showcased their commitment to addressing Amnic's specific needs and providing them with a tailored solution.

An additional advantage that Amnic enjoyed was the AWS Listing Preview feature. This invaluable tool allowed them to design and preview their listing and SaaS pricing with precision and effectiveness for the AWS Marketplace after each change. By leveraging this feature, they were able to present their offerings in the most compelling and attractive manner, optimizing their chances of success in the marketplace.

Moreover, Amnic benefited from our expertise and guidance, ensuring a smooth entry into the marketplace and enabling them to make informed decisions about sales strategies and customer onboarding. We also invested time sharing our knowledge with their teams to maximize the benefits of the AWS Marketplace.


Listing and 1st Private Offer Within weeks

Amic, a company initially unsure about how to go to and maximize cloud marketplaces, gained a clear understanding of the value it could derive, got listed within weeks, and learned how to maximize its presence within the marketplace.

Revenue growth

Amnic's expansion into the AWS Marketplace, supported by Clazar, opened up a world of new revenue streams and market opportunities. Within a mere two weeks of going live, they successfully made their first private offer, marking a significant milestone in their marketplace journey. This early success set the stage for continued growth and increased revenue on the AWS Marketplace channel. Amnic continues to close more deals on the AWS Marketplace.

During the onboarding process, Amnic's team experienced the seamless and intuitive nature of Clazar's listing creation flow. In fact, they were able to create three additional listings in draft mode using Clazar's platform. This demonstrated the efficiency and user-friendliness of the listing creation process, empowering them to have these listings readily available for future deployment. Amnic's swift progress didn't stop there, as they were able to plan their cloud GTM channel version 2 within just one week of partnering with Clazar, showcasing the speed and effectiveness of their collaboration.

The combined efforts of Clazar and Amnic not only accelerated their time-to-market but also equipped them with the necessary tools and insights to thrive in the AWS Marketplace.

Time & Cost savings

Amnic invested only 4 hours of their time in their entire listing journey with zero engineering resources invested. With the Clazar platform, they were up and running on the AWS marketplace within weeks.

By leveraging Clazar, Amnic also avoided investing its own engineering resources to build the listing on the AWS Marketplace, saving huge costs.

Enhanced analytics

Clazar’s product features, such as Buyer 360 and Insightful Analytics, provide Amnic with valuable insights into their marketplace performance, customer behavior, and transaction, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and focus on more strategic activities, accelerating their time-to-market.

The partnership between Amnic and Clazar transformed their inhibitions into confidence, propelling them toward growth and success.

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