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Why Momento ported to Clazar in one click?



Momento is the world's first serverless caching service that provides instant provisioning, auto-scaling up and down, and blazing-fast performance. Over the past year, the team has been actively conducting business on AWS Marketplace. They are now eager to amplify their efforts, driven by their strong belief in the marketplace's potential for rapid growth. Their current situation necessitates substantial manual work for metering and customer charges. Unfortunately, they did not have the internal resources to build it and found existing market solutions to be cost-prohibitive. The GTM team felt blocked from expanding the AWS channel, which possesses tremendous potential.


AWS Marketplace has transformed our adoption curve! Doubling down on it, we wanted deeper insights into the buyer's journey and ability to scale without breaking the bank. Built by experts who have successfully run large marketplace deployments, Clazar is the best strategic partner for our growth.

Khawaja Shams


Momento liked what they saw in Clazar- the simple and intuitive interface for sharing listing information and pricing details, the power of data with the Analytics and Insights dashboard, and how automated metering & billing management can take care of revenue growth while saving time for the team.


Clazar’s obsession with its customers resulted in Momento migrating with their current listing - up and running on Clazar in less than two weeks with no disruption in service for their customers. They actively started using the Metering and Analytics dashboard, which is helping them with automated billing and saving time for the GTM team, which is better utilized in building stronger customer relationships.