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How Clazar is a true partner in the journey



Acryl Data provides a developer-friendly modern data catalog built on top of a next-generation Metadata Platform to bring clarity to data in all enterprises. Their customers have frequently been requesting them to transact with AWS Marketplaces, and they themselves have been looking to explore this as a GTM channel. They understood AWS Marketplace's benefits, but doing it themselves meant slowing down their product development roadmap and allocating engineering resources to the project even for integrations, and it was a dealbreaker for them. They have been holding off on this project, which was unwillingly putting them at a disadvantage against their competitors.

Acryl Data

We saw multiple customer requests to buy our product from cloud marketplaces. Clazar helped us get our listing live super fast and set things up for the smooth running of cloud marketplaces as an effective go-to- market channel.

Swaroop Jagadish
CEO and Co-Founder
Acryl Data


They appreciated the Clazar platform's comprehensive features and simplicity, especially around setting up listing, pricing, and the private offer flow. They loved the Clazar team's expertise on the AWS Marketplace journey, which gave them peace of mind knowing they were in good hands. They also spent time understanding how to train their sales teams to maximize the AWS marketplace.


What Acryl Data liked the most about Clazar was that they did not have to assign any engineer to this project and dedicated only two hours from their end. Clazar's fast execution and timely follow-up helped them go live within three weeks, and they started transacting right after. They also enabled Slack notifications via integration, helping them be on top of all activities on their AWS marketplace channel.